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We believe there is a better way

If ever you have sent a perfectly matched CV to an agency in response to an advertised job only never to hear back from the agency, you should talk to us.

If ever you have been sent to an interview for wrongly sold job in front of wrongly informed employer, you should email us your CV today.

We believe there is a better way.

That is the simple idea at the heart of Hunter Allen Resourcing.

We never forget what itís like being a candidate. We never forget the feeling of exhilaration when that offer comes through.

In fact, we have seen the world from all angles Ė as a client, as a candidate and as a recruiter. We believe that recruitment is a critical activity that impacts the lives of our clients and candidates, both professionally and personally.

Thatís why we take your next career move as seriously as you do.

Integrity. Integrity. Integrity.

These are our founding principles. We will always be honest, stick to good-old-fashion customer service, listen, and importantly, deliver results.

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