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You choose how you want to pay for your recruitment

We understand the ever-increasing pressures on recruitment budgets.

Also, we believe that the balance of risk when recruiting has been against employers for far too long. We are here to offer you a real choice and share some of the risks.

Here are just some of our pricing models to suit every type of organisation.

Standard Fee

With our Standard Fee option you simply pay an agreed percentage of the candidate’s first year’s salary on successful appointment.

Membership Scheme

By joining our Membership Scheme you pay an annual fee and then pay 50% of standard fee on successful recruitment of each candidate. The Membership fee is variable and depends on the size of your organisation.

This option can save you significant amount of money if your staff turnover is above average and is perfectly suited to all organisations irrespective of size.

Annual Subscription

This option allows you to budget accurately – you know exactly how much you would pay over a 12-month period.

Based on your average recruitment levels over the previous two years and expected levels over the next 12 months, you pay an agreed amount every month and recruit through our Database Search option without any additional charge.

12-Month Rebate

We know things don’t always work out – your new employee can simply walk away within months of joining you. What’s more, your recruitment agency refuses to provide any refund. In short, you take all the risks.

Until now.

With our 12-Month Rebate option, you can claim rebate on a sliding scale for up to 12 months from an employee’s start date – now that is a refreshing approach!

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