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Comprehensive choice

We offer you a comprehensive choice of services to help you find the right people. From the fast and efficient Database Search to Advertised Search, from junior roles to the most senior posts, we make sure your search for the best people runs smoothly and cost effectively.

Database Search

We have a large database of candidates actively seeking their next career move.
The Database Search is a fast and efficient option that allows us to select suitably-qualified candidates matching your specific requirements.

Advertised Search

This option allows you to attract candidates specifically to the advertised role and your organisation. It also allows you to attract candidates from competitors.

Our extensive experience and links with a range of key media owners means we are able to recommend the right media to attract the right candidates. In addition, we copywrite and design the advertisement in accordance with your brand values, and book the advertisement.

We handle all response, carry out all initial interviews and provide you with a shortlist.

Executive Search

This option is mainly for senior positions, although many of our clients are also using it to find and appoint ‘fast-rising’ stars.

We will identify and approach the right candidates that meet your brief. We will carry out initial interviews and present you with a shortlist.

Executive Research

This option is suitable for organisations that are happy to approach and interview candidates. We will carry out the initial research that identifies suitably-qualified candidates, create candidate profile and secure their contact details. These details are then forwarded to you to approach the candidate.

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