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Our whole approach to recruitment is designed to make sure you get the best people for your organisation.

o We take the time to get to know your organisation just as thoroughly as your HR team.
o We will only send you an agreed number of CVs that accurately match the brief – no more having to wade through large number of random CVs with equal reams of ‘helpful’ notes.
o We only use staff with commercial experience to understand your business objectives and your company’s culture – we get underneath the skin of your business and match candidate personalities with your company’s culture.
o We only use staff who either bring extensive HR/recruitment or direct industry experience of specific roles – we probably know from first hand experience ‘a day in the life of’ whatever role you are looking to fill.

We always meet face-to-face with all short-listed candidates and provide them with accurate brief – you will never see ill suited candidates turning up for the ‘wrong’ job.

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